You’re in the middle of the desert and your phone is out of charge. Your power pack is out of charge and there’s no electrical source to charge your phone (or power pack). What do you do? Thankfully, somebody invented a smartphone case with a hand-crank[1]. Even though the concept of a hand crank is a bit old-school, this is a really cool idea, and it’s practical because according to AMPWare developers, 5 minutes of crank time might give you upto an hour of smartphone usage and twenty minutes of talk time. That’s enough time to call for help if someone is in trouble. Unless they’re off the network as well as off the electrical grid. Then that’s another story.

Another way you can use this is, let’s say you have hyperactive kids who always play on your smartphone and finish the charger. Hide the electrical charger and make a rule and tell them they can only use it if they hand-crank the power. Because they’ll be physically working for the phone, they might get bored and lose interest sooner than usual. Or not.

There’s a heartfelt story behind this invention. The main villain; Hurricane Katrina. According to the website, the company owners were directly effected by the hurricane. They got separated from their loved ones and they relied on their cell phones to keep in touch with family and friends. Mark had a crank-powered radio with him, but since the radio wasn’t really helpful, he wished for a crank-powered phone instead.

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