When I first read the name of this notebook, the first question that popped up was, “Why on Earth would I need to microwave a notebook?”

Apparently to erase the text within it and reuse the notebook.

The idea is really cool especially if you’ve ever used products like the Samsung Galaxy Note and discovered it’s not quite like using pen and paper. So how it works is this;

-You write in this special notebook

-You take a picture using your phone

-It processes the image (as shown below) and uploads the pages onto the cloud

– You erase the notebook by putting it in the microwave

For some reason I imagined a crook writing something they didn’t want anybody to see and then discovers that the cops are closing in on him, so he throws the notebook into the microwave before running away…the evidence lost forever.

To read more about it go to; https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rocketbook-wave-cloud-ready-microwavable-notebook#/